Hunchback of Notre Dame Tom Hulce Demi Moore Hand Signed 8X10 Color Photo COA

Hunchback of Notre Dame Tom Hulce Demi Moore Hand Signed 8X10 Color Photo COA
Hunchback of Notre Dame Tom Hulce Demi Moore Hand Signed 8X10 Color Photo COA

Hunchback of Notre Dame Tom Hulce Demi Moore Hand Signed 8X10 Color Photo COA

"Hunchback of Notre Dame" Tom Hulce & Demi Moore Hand Signed 8X10 Color Photo. This item is authenticated By Todd Mueller Autographs and comes with their certificate of authenticity. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And the seventh produced during the. The film is based on the 1831 novel.

And his struggle to gain acceptance into society. The film's voice cast features. In her final film role.

The film is considered to be one of Disney's darkest animated films as its narrative explores such mature subject matter and themes. Despite the changes made from the original source material in order to ensure a.

The musical score was written by. With songs written by Menken and lyricist. Who had previously collaborated on.

The pair later also collaborated on 2007's. Nominations for its musical score. Of the film was produced by. The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. Puppeteer, narrates the origin of the titular.

Twenty years prior: a group of Gypsies sneaking illegally into Paris were ambushed by. One woman attempted to flee with her baby, reaching the doors of. Frollo chased her down and knocked her onto the cathedral's steps, where she fractured her skull and died. Her baby survived and Frollo, repulsed at its deformed appearance, attempts to drown the child but the.

Intervened and accused Frollo of murdering an innocent woman. To atone for his sin, Frollo reluctantly agreed to raise the child as his own, naming him. , to mean'half-formed', and hiding him away in the cathedral's.

Twenty years later, Quasimodo has grown into a kind yet isolated young man, now with a pronounced. He has lived his entire life in the cathedral with his only company being living stone.

The gargoyles encourage him to attend the annual. Despite Frollo's warnings that he would be shunned for his deformity. Quasimodo attends and is celebrated for his appearance but then, prompted by Frollo's guards, is humiliated by the crowd. Frollo refuses Quasimodo's pleas for help, but is rescued by.

Frollo, who intends to eradicate Paris of the gypsies, orders her arrest but Esmeralda escapes using a. Quasimodo retreats back into the cathedral, followed by Esmeralda and. Phoebus refuses to arrest her for alleged. Inside Notre Dame and instead tells Frollo that she has claimed. Esmeralda finds and befriends Quasimodo, who helps her escape Notre Dame out of gratitude for defending him. She entrusts Quasimodo with a pendant containing a map to the gypsies' hideout, the. Frollo develops lustful feelings for Esmeralda and, upon realizing them, begs the. To save him from her.

When Frollo discovers that Esmeralda escaped, he begins a ruthless search of the city. Houses in order to find her.

Phoebus defies Frollo when ordered to burn down a house with a family inside and Frollo orders him executed. Phoebus flees but is struck by an arrow and falls into the. Where he is found by Esmeralda and taken to Notre Dame for refuge. The gargoyles encourage Quasimodo to confess his feelings for Esmeralda, but he is heartbroken to discover she and Phoebus have fallen in love.

Realizing that Quasimodo helped Esmeralda escape, Frollo tells him he knows about the Court of Miracles and plans to attack it at dawn. Using the map Esmeralda gave him, Quasimodo and Phoebus find the court to warn the gypsies, only for Frollo to follow them and capture all the gypsies present. Rejecting Frollo's advances, Esmeralda is to be burned at the stake at.

But is rescued by Quasimodo. After bringing her inside, he and the gargoyles pour molten lead onto the streets to prevent anyone entering. Phoebus releases the gypsies and rallies the Paris citizens against Frollo's guards while Frollo himself breaks into the cathedral. He pursues Quasimodo and Esmeralda to the bell tower, where he and Quasimodo fight, eventually both falling from a ledge.

Frollo falls to his death in the molten lead while Quasimodo is saved by Phoebus. Quasimodo accepts Phoebus and Esmeralda's love and they encourage him to leave the cathedral; when he does so the people of Paris hail him as a hero. This item is in the category "Entertainment Memorabilia\Autographs-Original\Movies\Photographs".

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Hunchback of Notre Dame Tom Hulce Demi Moore Hand Signed 8X10 Color Photo COA