Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA

Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA
Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA

Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA

GALLERY FRAMED TIM BROWN AUTOGRAPHED NOTRE DAME JERSEY. This is a true shadow box framing. The depth of our framing allows the jersey to be displayed with elegance. Our products are crafted by hand using only the finest museum quality materials to ensure the protection of your jersey. This is a custom framed gallery item, not a mass produced sports jersey frame like other lower quality items found online.

Many of the framed jerseys online are made from cheap materials, and are pressed flat in a thin and shallow frame of poor quality. Which is why you will only see pictures from the front. The difference is in the quality and craftsmanship, and we are second to none. Item comes with both a tamper proof serial numbered sticker on the jersey and the matching certificate of authenticity. It is registered in the tristar database and can be verified by its unique serial number on their website.

Our frames are made from real wood imported from Italy. We use conservation grade UV free acrylic glass so the jersey and autograph won't fade. We use 100% acid free and lignin free matting and and materials to keep the jersey safe.

The framing process does not damage the jersey in any way. So the jersey can be removed good as new if desired.

Our jerseys come with our signature custom plaque design. This displays the players name and notable accomplishments stylishly presented over a team watermark giving a truly glamorous look. We don't use cheap etched nameplates. Framing comes with professional high quality photos.

The photos and name plaque are individually framed, and then 3D float mounted within the shadow box for a one of a kind look you can't find other places. We float mount the team logos in the top corners so they are raised off the backing.

This creates depth and adds to our unique 3D look. Checkout the pictures from different angles we've included in the listing. (We have more details on our framing process bellow).

The jersey itself is brand new, and has fully stitched name & numbers. You will receive the exact item photographed in the listing. Blemishes in the photos due to reflections or glare. MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT IDEA.

& THE PERFECT PIECE FOR ANY MAN CAVE. This is a one of a kind piece that has never been on display in a store or elsewhere.

Comes with heavy duty hanging hardware and wire installed on the back so just open the box, hang it up, & enjoy! Frames outside dimensions approx: 37" x 31". WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US. Our jerseys are framed with a detailed touch by amazing professional framers.

Simply put we believe using only the best museum quality materials and crafting each item with fine precision. We're huge sports fans also, so we produce the gallery quality jerseys that every fan deserves to have in their home. Our signature "3D Float Framing" technique allows the jersey to be displayed with a natural depth and profile resulting in a luxurious look.

We've included some photographs from side angles in the listing to highlight this unique attribute. Sure you could probably find a less expensive framed jersey, but like with all things, you get what you pay for. We offer the best quality for the best price. Most framed jerseys use a mass produced sports frame.

These are usually made from low quality wood, particle board, or plastic composite. They have very little depth so the jersey gets pressed flat against the glass, which is why they are only pictured from the front. This is a substandard way of framing an autographed jersey.

Our framing comes imported from Italy and is made from high quality real wood. We frame in a true shadow box with lots of depth, because autographs on fabric needs the correct space to breathe and should NOT be touching the glass. Low quality frames can compromise the autographs value, as well as eliminate the natural depth and profile of the jersey.

You'll find that most other framed jerseys look more like posters of jerseys, rather than the quality expected. Our attention is always on the detail and we strive to deliver the best product available in the jersey industry.

First and foremost we do whats best for the integrity of the product and the customers trust. At Golden Glory Authentics we chose to combine the personality and passion of a Mom & Pop shop, with the convenience of the internet to deliver the best experience to our customers. Over the years we've found that when people see and hold our framed jerseys in comparison with the others out there, they say we're two steps above the rest!

We feel strongly in our great service and customer relationship. The jerseys we sell are a direct reflection of us, and knowing that our product will be hanging in your home we take pride crafting the best framed jerseys around. We put our premium on your satisfaction. The frame itself was really cheap and flimsy, and the framing was poorly done. This jersey is so spectacular It should be hanging in the Manning's parents house!

Crazy that for the same price I got this level of quality, I wish i found you first and spared the drama! Thanks for your great communication and cleaning tips.

" mbug1983 "Some jeresys look like they belong in the Hall of a Dive bar, and Some look like they belong in the Hall Of Fame. You guys are top notch. Way beyond what I expected. The pictures online looked great and still didn't do it enough justice.

Regards to the framer for a great job" parchurshell "Seriously thanks you sooooo much! You are like my hero now. It got here in time for his birthday and my boyfriend almost had a heart attack when he saw it! He still cant get over how awesome it is, and Im not going to lie, I look pretty darn good right now! Score one for the girlfriend!!

You officially have your first Golden Glory Authentics groupie now hahaha! Well anyways Thanks again and you know ill be back come Xmas kittykate2011. Ive been collecting jerseys for years and Ive always gone to a local frame shop to get them done. And because I've had them done over the years they all look a little bit different from each other.

A+++ You'll be highly recommended. Frame shops can be outrageously expensive and the high prices can be really surprising. NOT INCLUDING the jersey, photos, logos or plaque.

WE DO JERSEYS THE RIGHT WAY FOR AN UNBEATABLE PRICE. WITH NO SURPRISES, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. We are the jersey SPECIALISTS, so why deal with the hassle to have a random framer who does mostly paintings and artwork frame your treasured memorabilia?

Don't spend hours in a frame shop! Don't wait multiple weeks for it to be framed! Don't be surprised when it doesn't turn out looking like you'd hoped! WITH GOLDEN GLORY AUTHENTICS YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT IN KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT YOU'LL BE RECEIVING.

Bellow are some more details on how we correctly frame jerseys. We s ecure the jersey directly to the backboard using NO GLUE or ADHESIVES!

This method leaves no damage preserving the value and condition of the jersey. The jersey NOT OVER- STRETCHED. In anyway protecting the condition over time. Shadow box frame allows the jersey to be presented with a 3D look while NOT TOUCHING THE GLASS, and NOT PRESSED FLAT. This preserves the autograph overtime and displays the natural authentic look of the jersey. The frame molding is IMPORTED FROM ITALY. And made from REAL WOOD.

Fully assembled by hand so its built to stand the test of time. UV PROTECTION CONSERVATION ACRYLIC GLASS. Ensures the greatest level of protection for the autograph and jersey from FADING due to the sun. Even unnatural light can damage the displayed contents over time if no UV protection is used. Framed with 100% ACID FREE and LIGNIN FREE genuine 100% VIRGIN ALPHA CELLULOSE matting.

ACID FREE MATTING ALONE WILL NOT PRESERVE THE JERSEY. Over a long period of time which is why we take pride in framing with generations of quality in mind.

All inserts (Photos, Team logos, and Name plaque)are FLOAT MOUNTED with our signature process giving them a 3D Pop out look while NOT HARMING the jersey. MAKE SURE YOU CHEER FOR YOUR FAVORITE.

TEAM IN STYLE WITH THIS AWESOME PIECE! A perfect way to transform any living room, bar, retail store, and of course...

Ask about other players we may not have in stock currently. We can frame your jersey too!

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Premium Framed Tim Brown Autographed Notre Dame Jersey Tristar COA